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Heat as medicine - a study of the ceiling retrofit programme in South African low cost housing

  title={Heat as medicine - a study of the ceiling retrofit programme in South African low cost housing},
  author={S Kirsten},

A study of Chinese strategies for energy-efficient housing developments from an architect's perspective, combined with Swedish experiences and game theory

The energy issue is always an important factor in sustainable housing developments. Over the years, a number of energy-saving techniques have been developed to reduce consumption of primary energy

Sustainable Affordable Housing: New Models for LowIncome Housing in Chile

    [online] Available at: < http://global-cities.info/wpcontent/uploads/2013/11/Sustainable-Affordable-Housing1.pdf> [Accessed
  • 2013

Improving the energy-efficient envelope design for Moroccan houses

The building sector accounts for about 36% of final energy consumption in Morocco, with 29% reserved for residential and 7% for the tertiary sector. This energy consumption is expected to increase in

Cost–benefit analysis of energy efficiency in urban low-cost housing. Development Southern Africa

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  • 2002

The Discount Rate

The most important price in any CBA in the public domain is invariably the discount rate that is used. For in virtually any CBA in the public sphere, the costs and benefits involved do not usually

Reducing Fuel Poverty by Improving Housing

The International Energy Agency’s Energy Efficiency Unit (EEU) is beginning a new programme of work on innovative energy efficiency policies for mitigating fuel poverty. The focus of the policy