Heartbreak and Physical Pain Linked in Brain

  title={Heartbreak and Physical Pain Linked in Brain},
  author={Jacquelyn H. Flaskerud},
  journal={Issues in Mental Health Nursing},
  pages={789 - 791}
  • J. Flaskerud
  • Published 11 November 2011
  • Psychology
  • Issues in Mental Health Nursing
How similar are emotional and physical pain? In the US and in cultures around the world, we use the same words—hurt and pain—to describe both emotional and physical experiences. In a study published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the investigators (Kross et al., 2011) demonstrated that emotional pain and physical pain both light up the same region of the brain under neuroimaging. Their findings revealed that emotional pain (in this case, social rejection) and… 
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Social rejection shares somatosensory representations with physical pain
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Why does social exclusion hurt? The relationship between social and physical pain.
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Does Rejection Hurt? An fMRI Study of Social Exclusion
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Romantic rejection may hurt just like physical pain
    Emotional and physical pain share same brain system
    • studies find. LA Times
    Emotional and physical pain share same brain system, studies find
    • LA Times, April
    • 2011