Hearing and vocalizations in hybrid Waterslager-Roller canaries (Serinus canarius).

  title={Hearing and vocalizations in hybrid Waterslager-Roller canaries (Serinus canarius).},
  author={K Okanoya and Robert J. Dooling and Jonathan Downing},
  journal={Hearing research},
  volume={46 3},
A male canary from the Belgian Waterslager strain, which is known for its elevated high-frequency thresholds and a female of German Roller canary with normal high-frequency thresholds were bred. Operant techniques and a psychophysical tracking procedure were used to measure auditory sensitivity of six F1 hybrid canaries from this cross. Three patterns of auditory sensitivity were observed in the six hybrid birds. Four birds showed elevated high-frequency hearing characteristic of the Belgian… CONTINUE READING
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