Healthcare innovation.

  title={Healthcare innovation.},
  author={Susan Hamer and Thomas Plochg and Paulo Moreira},
  journal={Nursing management},
  volume={21 6},
An online portal to help healthcare innovators, including front line clinicians and service managers, turn ideas into tangible service improvements has been launched by NHS England. Innovation Exchange, at , brings together networks, ideas and resources on a single web platform to support the development, implementation and dissemination of ideas in health and care. 

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Interoperability opportunities and challenges in linking mhealth applications and eRecord systems: Botswana as an exemplar
Botswana’s eRecord systems interoperability landscape is described and guidance for linking mHealth applications to e record systems is provided, both for Botswana and for developing countries using Botswana as an exemplar.
Consumer-Mediated Data Exchange for Research: Current State of US Law, Technology, and Trust
A tutorial to inform the researcher who faces data acquisition challenges about the opportunities offered by consumer-mediated data exchange and outlines 2 approaches and reviews the current state of provider- and consumer-facing technologies that are necessary to support each approach.
Implementing Blockchains for Efficient Health Care: Systematic Review
This study aimed to perform a systematic review to assess the feasibility of blockchain as a method of managing health care records efficiently and found that using a blockchain can increase interoperability while maintaining privacy and security of data.
Federated Learning for Privacy-Preserving Data Access
Federated learning is discussed as a solution for privacy-preserving data access and distributed machine learning applied to distributed data sets and a privacy- Preserving federated learning infrastructure is presented.
The Implantable Internet of Medical Things
U-Verse is presented, the first FDA-compliant rechargeable IIoMT platform packing sensing, computation, communication, and recharging circuits into a penny-scale platform and can store energy several orders of magnitude more than state-of-theart capacity in tens of minutes.


Developing an innovation ecosystem: A framework for accelerating knowledge transfer
Abstract Health organisations are being challenged to change rapidly in response to a variety of competing demands. There is a temptation to look for externally promoted solutions rather than making
Advances in Biopharmaceutical and Vaccine Manufacturing Plants
Hitachi is contributing to advances in biopharmaceutical and vaccine production technologies by working to improve the productivity and quality of pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Regenerative Medicine Solutions
Hitachi plans to adopt a “One Hitachi” approach to deploying a wide range of regenerative medicine solutions that can take on the challenges faced by customers, and plans to play a part in the development of the regenerative Medicine industry through extensive collaboration with industry organizations, companies, and other groups associated with the field.
Cell sheet engineering: a unique nanotechnology for scaffold‐free tissue reconstruction with clinical applications in regenerative medicine
An overview of clinical applications and clinically relevant animal experimentations of the cell sheet technology, such as cardiomyopathy, visual acuity, periodonty, oesophageal ulcerations and type 1 diabetes are given.
Development of a cell sheet transportation technique for regenerative medicine.
The newly developed transportation technique for air travel is essential technology for regenerative medicine and promotes the standardization and spread of regenerative therapies.
A novel closed cell culture device for fabrication of corneal epithelial cell sheets
A closed culture device called a cell cartridge, to be used in a closed cell culture system for fabricating corneal epithelial cell sheets, is developed and suggests that the cell cartridge is effective for Fabricating cornesal epithelium cell sheets.
Fabrication of transplantable corneal epithelial and oral mucosal epithelial cell sheets using a novel temperature‐responsive closed culture device
Results indicate that the novel temperature‐responsive closed culture device is useful for fabricating transplantable stratified epithelial cell sheets.
Transportation of transplantable cell sheets fabricated with temperature‐responsive culture surfaces for regenerative medicine
A portable homothermal container to keep the inner temperature at 36 °C for > 30 h without any need for batteries or energy supply is developed and would be useful for cell sheet‐based regenerative medicine utilizing temperature‐responsive culture surfaces.
Prevention of esophageal stricture after endoscopic submucosal dissection using tissue-engineered cell sheets.
Sutureless, endoscopic transplantation of carrier-free cell sheets composed of autologous oral mucosal epithelial cells safely and effectively promotes re-epithelialization of the esophagus after ESD.