Healthcare-associated versus community-associated infective endocarditis in children.

  title={Healthcare-associated versus community-associated infective endocarditis in children.},
  author={Daphna R Marom and Itzhak Levy and Odit Gutwein and Einat Birk and Shai Ashkenazi},
  journal={The Pediatric infectious disease journal},
  volume={30 7},
BACKGROUND Infective endocarditis (IE) in children is continuously changing in regard to underlying conditions, predisposing factors, etiologic agents, clinical manifestations, treatment, and outcome. We describe current characteristics and compare healthcare-associated and community-associated disease. PATIENTS AND METHODS All children (<18 years) who were treated at our center between January 1992 through June 2004 and met the Duke criteria for definite or possible IE were included… CONTINUE READING

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