Health-related interests of Georgian adolescents.

  title={Health-related interests of Georgian adolescents.},
  author={Michel Bouch{\'e} and Gaiane Simonia and Helen Phagava and N Tabidze and Karaman Pagava},
  journal={Georgian medical news},
The aim of the study was to find out what adolescents in Georgia would like to know about health. Pupils of 6-10 grades (11-17 years old) (n=524) of the focus schools (secondary schools where FRESH program is being implemented) were investigated. A method of participatory research (so called social anthropologic approach) was applied. The study was anonymous. It yielded 3756 questions in total. The questions dedicated to health-related issues made up 36.8% for group I (11-13y.o.), 45,75% for… CONTINUE READING