Health issues for women of color : a cultural diversity perspective

  title={Health issues for women of color : a cultural diversity perspective},
  author={D. Adams},
PART ONE Introduction - Diane L Adams and Betty Smith Williams Cultural Diversity and Institutional Inequality - Aida Giachello PART TWO Native American Women's Health Concerns - Lillian Tom-Orme Towards Restoration of Harmony Contemporary Research Issues in Hispanic/Latina Women's Health - Ruth E Zambrana and Britt K Ellis Health Issues for Asian/Pacific Islander Women - Grace M Wang A Brief Overview Domestic Violence in Asian/Pacific Island Communities - Patricia Eng A Public Health Issue… Expand
Life in a body : counter hegemonic understandings of violence, oppression, healing and embodiment among young South Asian women
This study is an investigation of embodiment. It is informed by the experiences and understandings of health, healing, violence and oppression among 15 young South Asian women living in Toronto,Expand
Commentary on “A qualitative exploration of the life experiences of adults diagnosed with mild learning disabilities from minority ethnic communities”
Purpose – This paper seeks to provide a commentary on the previous paper in this issue “A qualitative exploration of the life experiences of adults diagnosed with mild learning disabilities fromExpand
Guidelines for psychological practice with girls and women.
These guidelines provide general recommendations for psychologists who seek to increase their awareness, knowledge, and skills in psychological practice with women and girls and provide examples of empirical and conceptual literature that support the need for practice guidelines. Expand
Nursing care of Arab children: consideration of cultural factors.
The beliefs and practices of Arab families, both cultural and health-related, are described, with an emphasis on child care and rearing, and nursing considerations, which take these cultural factors into account are discussed that will accommodate the needs of Arab children receiving professional Western medical treatment. Expand
Japanese Women’s Perceptions of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)
The results revealed that all women experienced physical and emotional abuse and 82% experienced sexual abuse and the culture of the Japanese patriarchal system as directly influencing IPV. Expand
African-Caribbean Young Women in the UK and Cigarette Smoking
Findings based on predominantly one ethno-cultural group do not necessarily translate to other groups, even if they live under similar material conditions, as this research demonstrates. Expand
Arab Americans: Understanding Their Challenges, Needs, and Struggles
The presence of Arabs, Muslims, and Middle Easterners in North America is becomingmore visible, active, and influential. This is especially true in recent years due to the convenience ofExpand
Intergenerational cultural transition : Iraqi female migrants talk about cultural adaptation and preservation in New Zealand : a thesis presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Psychology at Massey University
Research on immigration and cultural adaptation has only recently caught the attention of researchers, especially in the field of psychology, and this area remains relatively unexplored in NewExpand
Physical Health of Women in Prison: Relationship to Oppression
There is a critical need to create broader community-health-oriented responses to the epidemic of drug addiction in the authors' society that extend beyond individual risk factors for disease and address wider societal issues. Expand