Health effects of dioxin exposure: a 20-year mortality study.

  title={Health effects of dioxin exposure: a 20-year mortality study.},
  author={Pier Alberto Bertazzi and Dario Consonni and Silvia Bachetti and Maurizia Rubagotti and Andrea A. Baccarelli and Carlo Zocchetti and Angela Cecilia Pesatori},
  journal={American journal of epidemiology},
  volume={153 11},
Follow-up of the population exposed to dioxin after the 1976 accident in Seveso, Italy, was extended to 1996. During the entire observation period, all-cause and all-cancer mortality did not increase. Fifteen years after the accident, mortality among men in high-exposure zones A (804 inhabitants) and B (5,941 inhabitants) increased from all cancers (rate… CONTINUE READING