Health-care referrals from direct-to-consumer genetic testing.

  title={Health-care referrals from direct-to-consumer genetic testing.},
  author={Monica A. Giovanni and Matthew R Fickie and Lisa Soleymani Lehmann and Robert C Green and Lisa M Meckley and D. M. J. Veenstra and Michael F Murray},
  journal={Genetic testing and molecular biomarkers},
  volume={14 6},
BACKGROUND direct-to-consumer genetic testing (DTC-GT) provides personalized genetic risk information directly to consumers. Little is known about how and why consumers then communicate the results of this testing to health-care professionals. AIM to query specialists in clinical genetics about their experience with individuals who consulted them after DTC-GT. METHODS invitations to participate in a questionnaire were sent to three different groups of genetic professionals, totaling 4047… CONTINUE READING