Health anxiety--an indicator of higher interoceptive sensitivity?

  title={Health anxiety--an indicator of higher interoceptive sensitivity?},
  author={Susann Krautwurst and Alexander L. Gerlach and Lara K Gomille and Wolfgang Hiller and Michael Witth{\"o}ft},
  journal={Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry},
  volume={45 2},
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES According to cognitive-behavioral models, health anxiety arises from the misattribution of normal bodily sensations as signs of a severe illness. Consequently, higher levels of interoceptive accuracy might be critically involved in the development of health anxiety. METHODS To test this central assumption of cognitive behavioral models of health anxiety, we assessed interoceptive accuracy in a sample of college students (N = 100). Two interoceptive tasks (detection… CONTINUE READING

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