Health Sector Reform and Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Mongolia

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Health system reform and safe abortion: A case study of Mongolia

It is documented how common reforms in the areas of finance and regulation can compromise the safety of abortions as they foster challenges that include inconsistencies in service delivery that further foment health inequities.

Access to sexual and reproductive health for young people: Bridging the disconnect between rights and reality

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Programme alignment in higher-level planning processes: a four-country case-study for Sexual and Reproductive Health.

It is found that SRH managers are rarely engaged in higher-level planning processes, and while SRH features prominently in the [health] sections of PRSPs, it is not reflected in other sections, and does not necessarily correspond to more resources.

"Three Nooses on Our Head": The Influence of District Health Reforms on Maternal Health Service Delivery in Vietnam

The findings from this study suggest that the current organisation of district health services in Vietnam may have had unintended negative consequences and indicates that countries which decide to reform their systems in a manner similar to Vietnam need to pay attention to coordination between a multiplicity of agencies at the district level.

Improving maternal and reproductive health in South Asia : drivers and enablers

The findings from this study indicate that the most effective interventions that prevent maternal mortality are those that address the intra-partum stage - the point where most maternal deaths occur - and include improving skilled birth attendance coverage, increasing institutional delivery rates, and scaling up access to emergency obstetric care.

What are the effects of different models of delivery for improving maternal and infant health outcomes for poor people in urban areas in low income and lower middle income countries

A systematic review of interventions aimed at improving health outcomes for poor people in urban areas in low income and lower middle income countries focused on maternal, infant, neonatal, perinatal and post-neonatal mortality outcomes, but also included maternal and infant health outcomes.

Distance learning for maternal and child health nurses and midwives in Mongolia: a qualitative evaluation

The success of the distance education programme in Mongolia suggests that collaborations of this type are a cost-effective method of disseminating best practice in policy and practice to improve the quality of care provided to mothers and children in low-resource settings.

Health Systems in Transition HiT profile in brief

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The stabilizing of health care financing through the successful introduction of mandatory social health insurance (SHI) is a notable achievement which has also had the effect of reducing the level of informal payments within the system.

Tracking maternal mortality declines in Mongolia between 1992 and 2007: the importance of collaboration.

Disparities in maternal mortality represent one of the major persisting health inequities between low- and high-resource countries and important reductions in low-resource settings are possible through collaborative strategies based on a horizontal approach and the coordinated involvement of key partners.



From population control to reproductive health: an emerging policy agenda.

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Mongolia's system-wide health reforms: lessons for other developing countries.

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It is argued that good design and skillful implementation of the reform program may have made a contribution to Mongolia's attempts to resolve its problems through a radical program of reform that began in 1998.

Privatised family group practices in Mongolia: an initial assessment of service access.

It is found that generally satisfactory services are being provided in an equitable way, and therefore that the main goals of the new model are being achieved, however, there are some concerns.

Free markets and dead mothers: the social ecology of maternal mortality in post-socialist Mongolia.

Evidence suggests that women are particularly vulnerable to these political-ecological changes, and that this vulnerability is manifested in increasing rates of poor reproductive health and maternal mortality in Mongolia.

Unwanted pregnancies and abortions in Mongolia.

This research paper provides an analytical review of the existing literature and statistics on unwanted pregnancies and abortions in Mongolia to guide the Ministry of Health in the policy and programme decisions it will need to take to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies in Mongolia.

Sexually transmitted infections among pregnant women attending antenatal clinics in Mongolia: potential impact on the Mongolian HIV epidemic

Pregnant women represent a lower-risk general population; these high STI rates suggest that at this nascent stage, the identification, treatment, and prevention of STIs as risk factors for HIV transmission are crucial in the prevention of the emerging Mongolian HIV epidemic.

The use of induced abortion as a contraceptive: the case of Mongolia.

It was found that in the absence of adequate knowledge and availability of modern contraceptives in Mongolia the prevalence of induced abortion was relatively high.

Report and Recommendation of the President to the Board of Directors

An implant includes a biocorrodible metallic material having a coating. The coating contains at least one layer in which ionic channels are embedded.