Health Locus of Control and Chronic Disease : an External Orientation May Be Advantageous

  title={Health Locus of Control and Chronic Disease : an External Orientation May Be Advantageous},
  author={Thomas G. Burish and Michael P Carey and Kenneth A Wallston and Mitchell and Stein and Robert N. Jamison and J. Lyles},
A total of 62 cancer chemotherapy patients completed the Multidimensional Health Locus of Control (MHLC) scale prior to receiving training in progressive muscle relaxation and/or biofeedback for the reduction of the side effects of their treatment. Physiological measures of arousal and patient-reported indices of negative affect and nausea were collected during baseline, training, and follow-up chemotherapy sessions. Results indicated that following relaxation training and/or biofeedback… CONTINUE READING


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