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Health, economics, and feminism : on judging fairness and reform

  title={Health, economics, and feminism : on judging fairness and reform},
  author={Anna M{\aa}nsdotter},
Introduction: The point of departure in this thesis is that women live longer than men, while men have more power, influence and resources, and probably better health-related quality of life, than ... 

Gender policy and gender equality in a public health perspective : Investigating morbidity and mortality in Sweden and 22 OECD countries

The aim of this thesis is to investigate gender policy and gender equality as determinants of health. Data at individual, municipal and country level were employed, and the settings were Sweden and

Positive Health Outcomes of Fathers’ Involvment in Pregnancy and Childbirth Paternal Support : A Scope Study Literature Review

The literature review support the idea that the father’s involvement during pregnancy and delivery can positively influence health outcomes for the man, his partner, and their children, however, little help is offered to the majority of men regarding parenting.

Stockholm University Linnaeus Center on Social Policy and Family Dynamics in Europe, SPaDE Childbearing across Partnerships in the U.S., Australia and Scandinavia

This paper compares mothers‘ experience of having children with more than one partner in two liberal welfare regimes (the U.S. and Australia) and two social democratic regimes (Sweden and Norway).

Consequences of Fathers' Parental Leave Use: Evidence from Sweden

The findings indicate that fathers' parental leave is associated with both shorter working hours later in the child's life and more contact between separated fathers and their children.

Swedish pediatric diabetes teams' perception of fathers' involvement: A Grounded Theory study.

It is concluded that by increasing the teams' awareness of fathers as a health resource, an active health promotion perspective could be implemented in pediatric diabetes care.

Consequences of Fathers Parental Leave Use: Evidence from Sweden

Fathers parental leave use is often assumed to affect gender equality both at home and in the labour market. In the home, fathers parental leave is expected to improve father-child contact later on

New parents' experiences of postnatal care in Sweden.

  • I. Hildingsson
  • Medicine
    Women and birth : journal of the Australian College of Midwives
  • 2007



Justice, Gender, and the Family

In the first feminist critique of modern political theory, Okin shows how the failure to apply theories of justice to the family not only undermines our most cherished democratic values but has led

Equity in health

  • B. Starfield
  • Political Science
    Journal of epidemiology and community health
  • 2002
It is now difficult to ignore the impact of disparities in income distribution, which have been increasing in most countries such that the rich are becoming relatively more affluent.

Engendering Health: A Social Constructionist Examination of Men's Health Beliefs and Behaviors

Men in the United States suffer more severe conditions, have consistently higher death rates, and die nearly 7 years younger than women. Health-related beliefs and behaviors contribute significantly

Process and outcome: gender differences in the assessment of justice

Summary We studied the importance that women and men place on distributive and procedural justice. The relationship between distributive justice and several organizational outcomes (e.g. commitment,

Studies in health economics : modelling and data analysis of costs and survival

This dissertation consists of six essays in health economics that serve as an introduction to economic evaluators in health care.

Just Health Care.

This book presents a distributive theory of health care that considers the role of money, stigma, and stigma in the development of care and its role in the provision.

Gendering family dynamics : the case of Sweden and Hungary

This thesis contains three studies that focus on different aspects of family dynamics at three life-course stages. These are the second birth in an intact partnership, the dissolution of the first ...

Ethical analysis in public health

Gender equity in health: debates and dilemmas.

  • L. Doyal
  • Political Science, Medicine
    Social science & medicine
  • 2000