Healing of defects in random antiferromagnetic spin chains

  title={Healing of defects in random antiferromagnetic spin chains},
  author={Romain Vasseur and Asra Roshani and Stephan Haas and H. Saleur},
  journal={Europhysics Letters},
We study the effects of a weakened link in random antiferromagnetic spin chains. We show that healing occurs, and that homogeneity is restored at low energy, in a way that is qualitatively similar to the fate of impurities in clean ferromagnetic spin chains, or in Luttinger liquids with attractive interactions. Healing in the random case occurs even without interactions, and is characteristic of the random singlet phase. Using real-space renormalization group and exact diagonalization methods… 

Entanglement equipartition in critical random spin chains

The reduced density matrix of many-body systems possessing an additive conserved quantity can be decomposed in orthogonal sectors which can be independently analyzed. Recently, these have been proven

Entanglement across extended random defects in the XX spin chain

We study the half-chain entanglement entropy in the ground state of the spin-1/2 XX chain across an extended random defect, where the strength of disorder decays with the distance from the interface

Entanglement entropy of disordered quantum wire junctions

We consider different disordered lattice models composed of M linear chains glued together in a star-like manner, and study the scaling of the entanglement between one arm and the rest of the system

Strong disorder RG approach – a short review of recent developments

Abstract The strong disorder RG approach for random systems has been extended in many new directions since our previous review of 2005 [F. Igloi, C. Monthus, Phys. Rep. 412, 277 (2005)]. The aim of

Kane-Fisher weak link physics in the clean scratched XY model

The nature of the superfluid-insulator transition in 1D has been much debated recently. In particular, to describe the strong disorder regime characterized by weak link proliferation, a scratched-XY



The Kondo Problem To Heavy Fermions

The the kondo problem to heavy fermions is universally compatible with any devices to read and available in the book collection an online access to it is set as public so you can download it instantly.

The London

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The Kondo problem to heavy fermions

Journal of Statistical Mechanics: theory and experiment


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