Healing of anastomoses after obstruction of small intestine.

  title={Healing of anastomoses after obstruction of small intestine.},
  author={K E J{\"o}nsson and H A Jiborn and B H Zederfeldt},
  journal={Surgery, gynecology & obstetrics},
  volume={167 4},
Anastomotic healing after obstruction of the small intestine was investigated by measurements of development of strength, content of collagen and synthesis of collagen in standardized specimens taken at biopsy of the intestinal wall on both sides of the anastomosis. One hundred and sixteen male Wistar rats were used. Forty-eight rats were used for studies of synthesis of collagen by in vivo labeling with 100 microcuries of tritiated L-proline. Anastomoses performed after two days of obstruction… CONTINUE READING

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