Healing Homosexuals: A Psychologist's Journey Through the Ex-Gay Movement and the Pseudo-Science of Reparative Therapy

  title={Healing Homosexuals: A Psychologist's Journey Through the Ex-Gay Movement and the Pseudo-Science of Reparative Therapy},
  author={J. Guthrie Ford},
  journal={Journal of Gay \& Lesbian Psychotherapy},
  pages={69 - 86}
  • J. G. Ford
  • Published 17 April 2002
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Gay & Lesbian Psychotherapy
SUMMARY Reparative therapy has become a generic term for any process that purports to facilitate a shift from homosexual orientation to heterosexual orientation. The author shares his own process as a survivor and former practitioner of reparative therapy. The religious mind-set and presuppositions that support reparative therapy are explored. The history of the grass roots ex-gay movement and the political ramifications associated with claims of healing are exposed. The author concludes that… 

The Charisma and Deception of Reparative Therapies: When Medical Science Beds Religion

A critique of the contemporary “ex-gay” movement is begun, interrogating Exodus as the prototype of a politico-religious transformational ministry that works to “cure” homosexuals, and how reparative therapies function as orthodox treatments that charismatically meld conservative religious perspectives with medical science to produce a pseudoscience promising to treat homosexuality effectively is investigated.

Conversion Therapies for Same-Sex Attracted Clients in Religious Conflict

Despite a long history of viewing homosexuality as pathological and in need of change, the majority of mental health professions have, during the past 30 years, adopted statements that have

When Christianity and Homosexuality Collide: Understanding the Potential Intrapersonal Conflict

The potential conflict between Christianity and homosexuality faced by the respondents was explored and effects included depression, guilt, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and alienation.

Advocating for an End to Reparative Therapy: Methodological Grounding and Blueprint for Change

Despite the ethical and methodological concerns surrounding reparative therapy (RT) (also known as conversion therapy), a 2011 journal published a study claiming that lesbian, gay, and bisexual

Counselling formerly heterosexually partnered gay fathers raised with religion

ABSTRACT Formerly heterosexually partnered gay fathers raised with religion are an under-researched group of LGBTQ parents. This group have potentially complex coming out journeys, which can result

Evolutionary arguments against the de facto re-pathologising of homosexuality

Homosexuality or same-sex sexual orientation has a very long history in the medical field as pathology of sexuality, starting from the nineteenth century (Bullough, 1974; Adams and Sturgis, 1977;

The Politics of Masculinity and the Ex-Gay Movement

The purpose of this research is to investigate the masculinity politics of the ex-gay movement, a loose-knit network of religious, scientific, and political organizations that advocates change for

Religion and homosexuality criminalization in Uganda : the contribution of the American anti-homosexual evangelicals towards the 2014 anti-homosexuality law.

Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical and Historical Studies, Theological Studies and Ethics. University of KwaZuliu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 2018.

Spiritual and Sexual Identity: Exploring Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients’ Perspectives of Counseling

This study explores the perspectives of 12 LGB persons who sought counseling that involved religious/spiritual concerns and four themes in participant interviews are identified, including self-acceptance, goals of counseling, identification with counselor, and counseling environment and relationship.

Sexual Orientation Change Efforts and the Search for Authenticity

The research concludes that participants sometimes identified as heterosexual during SOCE, but never changed their underlying homosexual orientation, and that suppression, disconnection, and a sense of inauthenticity were significant phenomena of this process.