Headache associated with pituitary adenomas.

  title={Headache associated with pituitary adenomas.},
  author={Takumi Abe and Kenichi Matsumoto and J. Kuwazawa and I Toyoda and Kensuke Sasaki},
  volume={38 10},
The objectives of this study were to analyze the characteristics of headache in patients with pituitary adenoma and to investigate the mechanisms involved. Fifty-one patients (27 females and 24 males) with pituitary adenoma were examined. Nineteen (37.3%) of these patients (13 females and 6 males) had headache preoperatively. Most commonly, the headache was generalized (42.1%); overall headache was more frequent in the anterior half of the head (84.2%). Seventeen (89.5%) patients had bilateral… CONTINUE READING