Head-mounted Displays, Smartphones, or Smartwatches? -- Augmenting Conversations with Digital Representation of Self

  title={Head-mounted Displays, Smartphones, or Smartwatches? -- Augmenting Conversations with Digital Representation of Self},
  author={Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas and Mikko Kyt{\"o} and David K. McGookin},
  journal={Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction},
  pages={1 - 32}
Technologies that augment face-to-face interactions with a digital sense of self have been used to support conversations. That work has employed one homogenous technology, either 'off-the-shelf' or with a bespoke prototype, across all participants. Beyond speculative instances, it is unclear what technology individuals themselves would choose, if any, to augment their social interactions; what influence it may exert; or how use of heterogeneous devices may affect the value of this augmentation… Expand
From Strangers to Friends: Augmenting Face-to-face Interactions with Faceted Digital Self-Presentations
The results suggest that there is a need for a tailored way of faceting digital self-presentation towards multiple audiences using augmentations that consist of a base profile that is shared with all collocated others, and a dynamically tailorable part which can be targeted to specific individuals. Expand
Collocated Sharing of Presentations of Self in Public Settings
This field study interviewed 30 participants for their attitudes towards personal sharing in six public settings in a Nordic metropolitan area and suggested leveraging the different strategies of extroverts and introverts for collocated social interactions. Expand
Smartwatch-based topic suggestions to enrich casual conversations in awkward encounters
This investigation demonstrates that this novel approach to enrich casual conversations for an unintended encounter can help users overcome the awkwardness of conversations with casual acquaintances. Expand
Grand Challenges in Immersive Analytics
This paper presents 17 key research challenges developed over multiple sessions by a diverse group of 24 international experts, initiated from a virtual scientific workshop at ACM CHI 2020, to provide a systematic roadmap of current directions and impending hurdles to facilitate productive and effective applications for Immersive Analytics. Expand
Social AR: Reimagining and Interrogating the Role of Augmented Reality in Face to Face Social Interactions
This workshop aims to use a design fiction approach where workshop participants create speculative scenarios that interrogate the values imbued into Social AR, and put together a set of initial recommendations for designers of Social AR technologies. Expand


An examination of the effects of a wearable display on informal face-to-face communication
The results of a simple laboratory-based study which examines the impact of a xybernaut head-mounted Shimadzu display on conversation between two people and hypothesized that the wearable, by reducing eye-contact and attention in the wearer would have a detrimental effect. Expand
It's About Time: Smartwatches as Public Displays
This work explores the possibility of extending smartwatch interactions to turn personal wearables into more public displays, investigating fundamental aspects of this interaction form, such as the social acceptability and noticeability of looking at someone else's watch, as well as the likelihood of a watch face being visible to others. Expand
CueSense: A Wearable Proximity-Aware Display Enhancing Encounters
The design of CueSense is presented, a wearable displays that shows textual content from the wearer's social media profiles, determined by the level of proximity to another user and match-making between their contents. Expand
Exploring Mobile Devices as Personal Public Displays
This work built display software that projects text and image on the outer facing side of a two-screen laptop and used this prototype as a design probe with three different groups: attendees at a 300-person conference, eight office workers, and (3)twenty design students. Expand
Candid Interaction: Revealing Hidden Mobile and Wearable Computing Activities
The concept of candid interaction: techniques for providing awareness about the authors' mobile and wearable device usage to others in the vicinity is introduced and a design space for candid interaction is explored through seven prototypes that leverage a wide range of technological enhancements. Expand
Investigating user generated presentations of self in face-to-face interaction between strangers
A two-part study into the reuse of social media to augment face-to-face interactions amongst strangers found that users prefer more social, rich and ambiguous content to present, the majority of which comes from outside existing social and digital media services. Expand
Mobile Collocated Interactions: From Smartphones to Wearables
The focus of this workshop is to bring together a community of researchers, designers and practitioners to explore the potential of extending mobile collocated interactions to the use of wearable devices. Expand
Augmenting Multi-Party Face-to-Face Interactions Amongst Strangers with User Generated Content
An investigation into the role of curated representations of self, which is term Digital Selfs, in augmented multi-party face-to-face interactions and guidance for the design of future multi- party digital augmentations in collaborative scenarios is presented. Expand
One LED is Enough: Catalyzing Face-to-face Interactions at Conferences with a Gentle Nudge
CommonTies is described, a gentle technological in the form of a wearable accessory that encourages immediate, face-to-face, organic social interactions among strangers at conferences and preserves an element of mystery and enables self-disclosure of information through conversation. Expand
Smartwatch in vivo
Wearable cameras are used to record participants' daily use of smartwatches, collecting and analysing incidents where watches were used from over 34 days of user recording, to analyse in detail 1009 watch uses. Expand