Head-biting behavior in theropod dinosaurs: Paleopathological evidence

  title={Head-biting behavior in theropod dinosaurs: Paleopathological evidence},
  author={D. Tanke and P. J. Currie},
  • D. Tanke, P. J. Currie
  • Published 1998
  • Geography
  • Cranial material of Sinraptor dongi (Upper Jurassic, Xinjiang, China), Gorgosaurus libratus, Daspletosaurus torosus (Upper Cretaceous, Alberta, Canada), and other large theropod dinosaurs exhibit similar paleopathological anomalies indicative of aggressive intraor interspecific biting. Tooth strike trauma includes osseous lesions caused by solitary or multiple tooth punctures, or by dragging or gouging the tooth tips across the surfaces of cranial elements. Many of these lesions were undergoing… CONTINUE READING
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