Hb F Production in Endogenous Colonies of Polycythemia

  title={Hb F Production in Endogenous Colonies of Polycythemia},
  author={J. D. Buckley and Betty Nakamoto and Sumiko Kurachi and P. Elsworth and G. Stamatoyannopoulos},
Fetal hemoglobin was studied in endogecontained Hb F. as indicated by the fluoresnous colonies produced in plasma clot and cent antibody probe. Since the endogenous methylcellulose cultures of circulating procolonies in PV cultures originate from the genitors from patients with polycythemia abnormal PV clone. the findings provide vera (PV). Analysis of globin chain synthedirect evidence that a single pluripotent sis showed that ‘y chains constituted from stem cell can have committed progeny… CONTINUE READING