Hazret-i Pîr’e Mihmân Olanlar

  title={Hazret-i P{\^i}r’e Mihm{\^a}n Olanlar},
  author={M. Ceyhan and Murat Alandağli},
  journal={Turk Kulturu Ve Haci Bektas Veli-arastirma Dergisi},
When the question is history and historical sources, states and the official archival materials come to mind at first. In that case, it is possible to hear the voice of the society to the degree of their contact with the state. Today, however, historians seek answers to such more specific questions as to what thesocieties and individuals think and what kind of lives they lead. At this juncture, we discover a new source that would contribute to a new historicism and it has been analyzed under… Expand