Hawaiian deep treatments: efficacy and outcomes, 1983-2003.

  title={Hawaiian deep treatments: efficacy and outcomes, 1983-2003.},
  author={Richard W Smerz and R K Overlock and Harumi Nakayama},
  journal={Undersea & hyperbaric medicine : journal of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, Inc},
  volume={32 5},
This paper reports on the outcomes and efficacy of the deep treatment schedules employed at the University of Hawaii to treat diving accident victims. These tables utilize increased atmospheric pressures, several mixed gas combinations, and a more gradual staged decompression rate than US Navy treatment schedules. The majority of our study population (72.4%) was treated using a single specific treatment schedule. 90% were treated using deep tables either singly or in combination with other… CONTINUE READING

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