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Hawaiian belongs to the Eastern Polynesian branch of the Austronesian language family and is indigenous to the islands of Hawaiʻi (see Pawley 1966, Marck 2000, Wilson 2012). Hawaiian is also an endangered language. Not only was the native population decimated after contact with foreigners and foreign diseases but the language itself came under attack after the occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893 (for more on Hawaiian history, see Coffman 2009, Sai 2011). Children were thereafter banned… Expand
Speaker Ethnicity, Language Background, And The Pronunciation Of Hawaiian Place Names
Residents of Hawai‘i exhibit a great deal of variation in their pronunciation of place names that have a Hawaiian origin. Using wordlist data, we investigate whether the phonetic realization ofExpand
Language Complexity Trade-Offs Revisited
In this paper we revisit the results that originally appeared in Coloma (2015) and Coloma (2017), using a newly-assembled database of 50 languages for which we have the same text (which is the fableExpand
The holistic benefits of education for Indigenous language revitalisation and reclamation (ELR2)
This article explores research and practice on the holistic benefits of education for language revitalisation and reclamation – ELR2 – efforts that link home, school, and community in mutually supp...