Have Housing Prices Gone With the Smelly Wind? Big Data Analysis on Landfill in Hong Kong

  title={Have Housing Prices Gone With the Smelly Wind? Big Data Analysis on Landfill in Hong Kong},
  author={Rita Yi Man Li and Herru Ching Yu Li},
  journal={SRPN: Other Built Environment (Topic)},
  • R. Li, H. Li
  • Published 29 January 2018
  • Economics
  • SRPN: Other Built Environment (Topic)
Unlike many other places around the globe, Hong Kong is a small city with a high population density. Some housing units are built near the sources of an externality, such as a landfill site. As the blocks of buildings are particularly tall, many are walled buildings that block the bad odor from the landfill. Thus, the wind blowing from a landfill site may not affect the entire building estate. Some buildings are more heavily affected than others, partly because walled buildings built near… 
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