Have GPUs made FPGAs redundant in the field of video processing?

  title={Have GPUs made FPGAs redundant in the field of video processing?},
  author={Benjamin Cope and Peter Y. K. Cheung and Wayne Luk and Sarah Witt},
  journal={Proceedings. 2005 IEEE International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology, 2005.},
Since the 1990s FPGAs have been popular for accelerating video processing applications. This paper presents GPUs (graphics processing units) as another viable solution, comparing their throughput with that of FPGAs. Previous work on using FPGAs and GPUs for video processing is analysed, grounds for comparison formulated and then exemplified through case studies of primary colour correction and 2D convolution. GPUs are seen to be advantageous in applications utilising their optimised instruction… CONTINUE READING
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