Haunting Griaule: Experiences from the Restudy of the Dogon

  title={Haunting Griaule: Experiences from the Restudy of the Dogon},
  author={Walter E. A. van Beek},
  journal={History in Africa},
  pages={43 - 68}
It really was a chance occasion, just before Christmas 2003. On my way to the Dogon area I had greeted my friends in Sangha, and was speaking with a Dutch friend, when a French tourist lady suddenly barged into the hall of the hotel and asked me: “There should be a cavern with a mural depicting Sirius and the position of all the planets. I saw it in a book. Where is it?”. My friend smiled wrily, amused by the irony of situation: by chance the lady had fallen upon the one who had spent decennia… 
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