Haunted by Defeat: Imperial Sexualities, Prostitution, and the Emergence of Postwar Japan

  title={Haunted by Defeat: Imperial Sexualities, Prostitution, and the Emergence of Postwar Japan},
  author={R. Kramm},
  journal={Journal of World History},
  pages={587 - 614}
  • R. Kramm
  • Published 2017
  • History
  • Journal of World History
Abstract:This article addresses sexuality and prostitution as key elements in the emergence of postwar Japanese nationalism. It analyzes discursive practices, which Japan's authorities used to conceptualize the recreational facilities aimed at "comforting" the Allied occupiers during the still imaginary encounter of occupier and occupied in the immediate post-surrender period. The conceptualization of prostitution at the end of WWII is a pivotal example for the clash of competing empires, the… Expand
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