Haumea's Shape and Composition

  title={Haumea's Shape and Composition},
  author={Emilie T. Dunham and Steven J. Desch and Luke W. Probst},
We have calculated the figure of equilibrium of a rapidly rotating, differentiated body to determine the shape, structure, and composition of the dwarf planet Haumea. Previous studies of Haumea’s light curve have suggested Haumea is a uniform triaxial ellipsoid consistent with a Jacobi ellipsoid with axes ≈ 960 × 774 × 513 km, and bulk density ≈ 2600 kg m−3. In contrast, observations of a recent stellar occultation by Haumea indicate its axes are ≈ 1161 × 852 × 523 km and its bulk density… 

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Lunar and Planetary Science Conference , # 1631 Hachisu , I . 1986 a , The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series , 61 , 479 —

  • 2016