Hat die palliative Resektion bei gastrointestinalen Tumoren noch einen Stellenwert?

  • Leitthema
  • Published 2007 in Der Onkologe


Before any palliative tumor resection, the morbidity and mortality risks must be carefully weighed against the continued prognosis (including quick and lasting relief of discomfort from the tumor) and alternative strategies such as bypass, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Multimodal concepts have seen considerable progress in recent years, and endoscopic and interventional methods have expanded the instrumentarium for palliative tumor therapy. Thus the value of palliative resection must be reassessed. The most important criteria and study results are described here, as they have resulted in increased interest in palliative tumor resection within a multimodal treatment for most gastrointestinal tumors. More studies are needed to learn how much can realistically be expected of these new approaches.

DOI: 10.1007/s00761-007-1204-1

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