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Hassi Messaoud Field--Algeria Trias Basin, Eastern Sahara Desert

  title={Hassi Messaoud Field--Algeria Trias Basin, Eastern Sahara Desert},
  author={W. Bacheller and R. Peterson},
State of stress in exhumed basins and implications for fluid flow: insights from the Illizi Basin, Algeria
Abstract The petroleum prospectivity of an exhumed basin is largely dependent on the ability of pre-existing traps to retain oil and gas volumes during and after the exhumation event. Although faultsExpand
The hydrocarbon prospectivity of the Mesoproterozoic–Paleozoic intracratonic Voltaian Basin, West African Craton, Ghana
Neoproterozoic sedimentary basins are increasingly gaining hydrocarbon exploration attention globally following results of significant discoveries in these basins as a result of long, consistent andExpand
An overview of pre-Devonian petroleum systems – Unique characteristics and elevated risks
Abstract The radiation of land plants at the onset of the Devonian resulted in a change in the character of available biomass, which in turn, introduced changes to the nature of petroleum systems.Expand
Remobilization of deep basin brine during exhumation of the Illizi Basin, Algeria
Abstract Understanding the processes that drive fluid flow in sedimentary basins has important implications for models of metallic ore and petroleum migration and accumulation in the subsurface.Expand
First evidence of tunnel valley-like formation during the late Ordovician "subgalacial" period in Southern Tunisia Influence on the Jeffara sandstone reservoir quality
Through this last decade numerous wells have been drilled to the Ordovician in southern Tunisian Ghadames basin. They have met mudlog gas as well as mudlog oil shows in one or several sandstoneExpand
Fold-related faults in the Syrian Arc belt of northern Egypt
Abstract Late Cretaceous–Early Tertiary Syrian Arc folds in northern Egypt include both inversion and non-inversion folds. These folds are well exposed in northern Sinai and the northern EasternExpand
The Illizi and Berkine Basins in Southern Algeria
The Berkine and Illizi basins contain over 7000 meters of Palaeozoic and Mesozoic sedimentary rocks and numerous world-class petroleum systems with over 39 BBOE EUR reserves. Regional seismic and aExpand
Regional geology and petroleum systems of the Illizi-Berkine area of the Algerian Saharan Platform: An overview
Abstract The Berkine and Illizi basins are Palaeozoic–Mesozoic intraplate depressions that preserve an over 7000 m thick sedimentary rock record and contain world-class petroleum systems with over 39Expand