Harvesting of oleaginous Chlorella sp. by organoclays.

  title={Harvesting of oleaginous Chlorella sp. by organoclays.},
  author={Young-Chul Lee and Bohwa Kim and Wasif Farooq and Jane Chung and Jong-in Han and Hyun-Jae Shin and Sang Hwa Jeong and J Park and Jin-Suk Lee and You-Kwan Oh},
  journal={Bioresource technology},
In microalgae-based biorefinement, one of the highest practical priorities is to reduce the costs of downstream processes. As one potential solution, microalgae harvesting by organoclays has received particularly keen research interest. In the present study, cationic charged aluminum- and magnesium-backboned organoclays were synthesized and solubilized in aqueous solution due to their high-density of amino sites. Each, within 30 min of its injection into 1.7 g/L-concentration microalgal… CONTINUE READING