Harry Benjamin's first ten cases (1938–1953): A clinical historical note

  title={Harry Benjamin's first ten cases (1938–1953): A clinical historical note},
  author={Leah Cahan Schaefer and Connie Christine Wheeler},
  journal={Archives of Sexual Behavior},
The value in studying Dr. Harry Benjamin's first gender dysphoria patients is in learning how they described themselves—without any books to read, without any other source of information, assuming that he or she was alone and unlike anyone else in the world—and before hardly any literature on the subject had been published. Just as today, Benjamin's earliest patients came to him self-diagnosed. Even without the terminology currently available, their early descriptions of this unique phenomenon… 

Dear Doctor Benjamin: Letters from Transsexual Youth (1963–1976)

ABSTRACT Due to his high public profile, Harry Benjamin was often the first contact for those who identified as transsexual in the 1960s and 1970s, until his retirement in 1976. Among the over 800

How gender dysphoria and incongruence became medical diagnoses – a historical review

  • M. Crocq
  • Psychology
    Dialogues in clinical neuroscience
  • 2021
Abstract This article is a historical review of the medical and psychiatric diagnoses associated with transgender people across epochs. Ancient Greek and Roman writings already mention gender change.

Boyish Mannerisms and Womanly Coquetry: Patients with the Diagnosis of Transvestitismus in the Helsinki Psychiatric Clinic in Finland, 1954–68

The case files of patients diagnosed with Transvestitismus [transvestism] in the Psychiatric Clinic of the Helsinki University Central Hospital in the years 1954–68 show that they were highly aware of their condition and were very capable of describing it, even if they had no medical name for it.

Putting patients first : Harry Benjamin and the development of transgender medicine in the twentieth century

It was ultimately Benjamin's willingness and ability to work outside the bounds of accepted medicine coupled with his patients' drive to live in the gender of their choice that contributed to a significant shift in how the American medical establishment responded to transgendered people in the twentieth century.

Science, Politics and Clinical Intervention: Harry Benjamin, Transsexualism and the Problem of Heteronormativity

Harry Benjamin (1885–1986) is the founding father of contemporary western transsexualism. This article examines Harry Benjamin’s work on transsexuality from the standpoint of the interrelations

The Evolution of Adolescent Gender-Affirming Care: An Historical Perspective

Currently available evidence supports the benefits of an interdisciplinary model of gender-affirming medical care for transgender/gender-diverse adolescents, and further long-term safety and efficacy studies are needed to optimize such care.

Transsexualism Ethiology and Medical Management: Between Scientific Evidence and Personal Experiences

To optimize the conversion treatment with sex hormones, transsexuals require long-term follow-up, and the “do-it-yourself” trend and the lack of medical and laboratory checks over time should be absolutely discouraged.

Socio-demographic portrait of transsexual patients in Russia

A socio-demographic portrait of patients with an established diagnosis of transsexualism is drawn, finding that transsexual persons are distinguished by a high level of education, large variety of professional activities, a low percentage of registered marriages, and comparable to the general population onset of sexual life.

The Newly Revised Standards of Care for Gender Identity Disorders

The exact text of selected sections from the standards are presented, as well as a commentary by the committee's chairman, to assist clinicians, patients and their families, and regulatory institutions.

Transgender Experience and Identity

In this chapter, we review and critique how conventional models of gender and sexual identity development have represented the experiences of transgender individuals, and we argue for an expanded