Harmonin (Ush1c) is required in zebrafish Müller glial cells for photoreceptor synaptic development and function

  title={Harmonin (Ush1c) is required in zebrafish M{\"u}ller glial cells for photoreceptor synaptic development and function},
  author={Jennifer B. Phillips and Bernardo Blanco-S{\'a}nchez and Jennifer J. Lentz and Alexandra Tallafuss and Kornnika Khanobdee and Srirangan Sampath and Zachary G. Jacobs and Philip F. Han and Monalisa Mishra and Tom A. Titus and David S Williams and Bronya J. B. Keats and Philip Washbourne and Monte Westerfield},
  booktitle={Disease models & mechanisms},
Usher syndrome is the most prevalent cause of hereditary deaf-blindness, characterized by congenital sensorineural hearing impairment and progressive photoreceptor degeneration beginning in childhood or adolescence. Diagnosis and management of this disease are complex, and the molecular changes underlying sensory cell impairment remain poorly understood. Here we characterize two zebrafish models for a severe form of Usher syndrome, Usher syndrome type 1C (USH1C): one model is a mutant with a… CONTINUE READING
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