Harmonic radar tag measurement and characterization

  title={Harmonic radar tag measurement and characterization},
  author={G. Charvat and E. J. Rothwell and L. C. Kempel},
  journal={IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium. Digest. Held in conjunction with: USNC/CNC/URSI North American Radio Sci. Meeting (Cat. No.03CH37450)},
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Conventional radar systems transmit and receive at a single, fundamental frequency. It is sometimes challenging to identify a small object against a large background with these radars due to the relatively large return from the background. In effect, the background represents a clutter environment. Harmonic radar tags can be attached to an item, such as insects, and then used to track that item against the background. To do so, the radar must transmit a signal at the fundamental frequency but… CONTINUE READING

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