Harmonic analysis on semisimple Lie groups

  title={Harmonic analysis on semisimple Lie groups},
  journal={Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society},
  • Harish-Chandra
  • Published 1 May 1970
  • Mathematics
  • Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
Then tr 4̂ is actually independent of the choice of this base. Let VT denote the set of a l l /G^ i (G) such that ir(f) is of the trace class. Then Vr is a linear subspace of Li(G). Put 0 . ( / ) = tr *•(ƒ) ( f £ F T ) . Then ®T is a linear function on VT which we may call the character of 7T. Of course this concept would be useful only when the space V* is fairly large. Let 8(G) denote the set of all equivalence classes of irreducible unitary representations of G. It is easy to see that for… 
Infinitesimal Theory of Representations of Semisimple Lie Groups
For any locally compact topological group G satisfying the second axiom of countability, let ℰ(G) be the set of all equivalence classes of irreducible unitary representations of G. Among the central
The Bruhat order on symmetric varieties
Let G be a connected reductive linear algebraic group over an algebraically closed field of characteristic not 2. Let θ be an automorphism of order 2 of the algebraic group G. Denote by K the fixed
Completely bounded multipliers of the Fourier algebra of a simple Lie group of real rank one
The Fourier algebra A(G) of a locally compact group G is the space of matrix coefficients of the regular representation, and is the predual of the yon Neumann algebra VN(G) generated by the regular
Satake-Furstenberg compactifications and gradient map
. Let G be a real semisimple Lie group with finite center and let g = k ⊕ p be a Cartan decomposition of its Lie algebra. Let K be a maximal compact subgroup of G with Lie algebra k and let τ be an
A geometric construction of the discrete series for semisimple Lie groups
In the above paper [2] a key role is played by a result of Borel [3], concerning discrete subgroups F of semisimple Lie groups G. He proves that if G is linear, one can find a torsion-free F with F\G
Square integrable representations and a Plancherel theorem for parabolic subgroups
Let G be a semisimple Lie group with Iwasawa decomposition G = KAN. Let g0 = f0 + a + n be the corresponding decomposition of the Lie algebra of G. Then the nilpotent subgroup N has square integrable
Continuous equivariant images of lattice-actions on boundaries
Let G be a connected semisimple Lie group with finite center and R-rank at least 2. For any parabolic subgroup P of G the quotient space G/P (equipped with the G-quasi-invariant measure class) is
Fundamental solutions of invariant differential operators on a semisimple lie group II
Let G be a linear connected semisimple Lie group. We denote by U(g) K the algebra of left invariant differential operators on G that are also right invariant by K, and Z(U(g) K ) denotes center of
A new characterization of the Bruhat decomposition
  • Y. Kato
  • Mathematics
    Nagoya Mathematical Journal
  • 1982
By an algebraic homogeneous space, we mean the factor space X = G/P, where G is a simply-connected, complex, semi-simple Lie group and P is a parabolic subgroup of G. Many typical manifolds such as
Asymptotic behaviour of eigen functions on a semisimple Lie group: The discrete spectrum
Let G be a connected noncompact real form of a simply connected complex semisimple Lie group. For many questions of Fourier Analysis on G it is useful to have a good knowledge of the behaviour, at


Automorphic Forms on Semisimple Lie Groups
A solution to get the problem off, have you found it? Really? What kind of solution do you resolve the problem? From what sources? Well, there are so many questions that we utter every day. No matter
Théorie des distributions
II. Differentiation II.2. Examples of differentiation. The case of one variable (n = 1). II.2.3. Pseudofunctions. Hadamard finite part. We calculate the derivative of a function f(x) which is equal
Groupes Réductifs
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Leçons sur les représentations des groupes
Characters of the discrete series of representations of sl(2) over a local field.
  • P. Sally, J. Shalika
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 1968
Infinite-dimensional group representations
Infinite - dimensional group representations , Bull
  • Amer . Math . Soc .