Harmonic algorithm for 3-dimensional strip packing problem

  title={Harmonic algorithm for 3-dimensional strip packing problem},
  author={Nikhil Bansal and Xin Han and Kazuo Iwama and Maxim Sviridenko and Guochuan Zhang},
In the three dimensional strip packing problem, we are given a set of three-dimensional rectangular items <i>I</i> = {(<i>x<inf>i</inf>, y<inf>i</inf>, z<inf>i</inf></i>) : <i>i</i> = 1, ..., <i>n</i>} and a three dimensional box <i>B</i>. The goal is to pack all the items in the box <i>B</i> without any overlap, such that the height of the packing is minimized. We consider the most basic version of the problem, where the items must be packed with their edges parallel to the edges of <i>B</i… CONTINUE READING