Harmonic Currents Estimation and Compensation Method for Current Control System of IPMSM in Overmodulation Range

  title={Harmonic Currents Estimation and Compensation Method for Current Control System of IPMSM in Overmodulation Range},
  author={Smith Lerdudomsak and Minoru Kadota and Shinji Doki and Shigeru Okuma},
  journal={2007 Power Conversion Conference - Nagoya},
For high performance and wide speed range control of an IPMSM, using the overmodulation range of an inverter is one of the effective methods. However, to use this overmodulation range with the closed loop currents control system, there are many problems occur and the main problem is caused by the harmonic currents generated from harmonic voltages in the inverter output voltages. Therefore, in the ususal control methods of an IPMSM in the overmodulation range, these problems are avoided by not… CONTINUE READING
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