Harmonic Analysis on Inhomogeneous Amenable Networks and the Bose–Einstein Condensation

  title={Harmonic Analysis on Inhomogeneous Amenable Networks and the Bose–Einstein Condensation},
  author={F. Fidaleo},
  journal={Journal of Statistical Physics},
  • F. Fidaleo
  • Published 2015
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • Journal of Statistical Physics
We study in detail relevant spectral properties of the adjacency matrix of inhomogeneous amenable networks, and in particular those arising by negligible additive perturbations of periodic lattices. The obtained results are deeply connected to the systematic investigation of the Bose–Einstein condensation for the so called Pure Hopping model describing the thermodynamics of Cooper pairs in arrays of Josephson junctions. After a careful investigation of the infinite volume limits of the finite… Expand

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