Hardware support for a hash-based IP traceback

  title={Hardware support for a hash-based IP traceback},
  author={Luis A. Sanchez and Walter C. Milliken and Alex C. Snoeren and Fabrice Tchakountio and Christine E. Jones and Stephen T. Kent and Craig Partridge and W. Timothy Strayer},
  journal={Proceedings DARPA Information Survivability Conference and Exposition II. DISCEX'01},
  pages={146-152 vol.2}
The Source Path Isolation Engine (SPIE) is a system capable of tracing a single IP packet to its point of origin or point of ingress into a network. SPIE supports tracing by scoring a few bits of unique information about each packet for a period of time as the packets traverse the network. Software implementations of SPIE can trace packets through networks comprised of slow-to-medium speed routers (up to OC-12), but higher-speed routers (OC-48 and faster) require hardware support. In this paper… CONTINUE READING

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