Hardware-software co-design of elliptic curve digital signature algorithm over binary fields

  title={Hardware-software co-design of elliptic curve digital signature algorithm over binary fields},
  author={Bhanu Panjwani and Deval C. Mehta},
  journal={2015 International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI)},
Elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ECDSA) is elliptic curve analogue of digital signature algorithm. This paper presents implementation of ECDSA on NIST recommended Elliptic curves in binary fields of size 163 bits. The work involved implementation of different modules of ECDSA on reconfigurable hardware platform (Xilinx xc6vlx240T-1ff1156). The private key generation and binary weight calculation (used in scalar multiplication) is done in software using Microblaze (soft core of Xilinx… CONTINUE READING

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