Hardware/software cooperative caching for hybrid DRAM/NVM memory architectures

  title={Hardware/software cooperative caching for hybrid DRAM/NVM memory architectures},
  author={Haikun Liu and Yujie Chen and Xiaofei Liao and Hai Jin and Beixin Julie He and Long Zheng and Rentong Guo},
Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) has recently emerged for its nonvolatility, high density and energy efficiency. Hybrid memory systems composed of DRAM and NVM have the best of both worlds, because NVM can offer larger capacity and have near-zero standby power consumption while DRAM provides higher performance. Many studies have advocated to use DRAM as a cache to NVM. However, it is still an open problem on how to manage the DRAM cache effectively and efficiently. In this paper, we propose a novel… CONTINUE READING
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