Hardships of contact: enamel hypoplasias in Tupí-Mondé Amerindians from the Brazilian Amazonia.

  title={Hardships of contact: enamel hypoplasias in Tup{\'i}-Mond{\'e} Amerindians from the Brazilian Amazonia.},
  author={Ricardo Santos and Carlos Coimbra},
  journal={American journal of physical anthropology},
  volume={109 1},
This paper presents an assessment of enamel defects (hypoplasias) in the permanent anterior teeth of three Tupí-Mondé-speaking groups from the Brazilian Amazonia: the Gavião, Suruí, and Zoró. These are native societies that experienced the onset of permanent contact with Brazilian national society in different periods of the 20th century. Tupí-Mondé dentition is highly hypoplastic, which is possibly related to exposure to adverse health and nutritional conditions. Data for the Gavião, Suru… CONTINUE READING

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