Hard x-ray spectroscopy of the itinerant magnets RFe4Sb12 (R=Na, K, Ca, Sr, Ba)

  title={Hard x-ray spectroscopy of the itinerant magnets 
(R=Na, K, Ca, Sr, Ba)},
  author={Bassim Mounssef and Marli R. Cantarino and E. M. Bittar and T{\'a}rsis M Germano and Andreas Leithe-Jasper and F. A. Garcia},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Ordered states in itinerant magnets may be related to magnetic moments displaying some weak local moment characteristics, as in intermetallic compounds hosting transition metal coordination complexes. In this paper, we report on the Fe $K$-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) of the itinerant magnets $R$Fe$_{4}$Sb$_{12}$ ($R=$ Na, K, Ca, Sr, Ba), aiming at exploring the electronic and structural properties of the octahedral building block formed by Fe and the Sb ligands. We find evidence… Expand

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