Hard Times and Heartaches

  title={Hard Times and Heartaches},
  author={Heather K. Love},
  journal={Journal of Lesbian Studies},
  pages={115 - 128}
ABSTRACT This paper considers recent critical responses to Rad-clyffe Hall's 1928 novel The Well of Loneliness. While Hall's portrayal of mannish invert Stephen Gordon has had a troubled reception in this century, recent work celebrating butch-femme identity and practice has gained the novel wider acceptance among lesbian critics. While these recuperations are significant in working against homophobic readings of The Well, they often overlook the real difficulties Hall described. This paper… 
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"Women Alone Stir My Imagination": Lesbianism and the Cultural Tradition

  • B. W. Cook
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In literary history, were all things equal, 1928 might be remembered as a banner year for lesbian publishing. In 1928 Virginia Woolf's Orlando, Radclyffe Hall's The Well of Loneliness, and Djuna

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This essay grew out of an earlier one called "The Mythic Lesbian and the New Woman: Power, Sexuality and Legitimacy," written with Carroll Smith-Rosenberg and presented by us at the Berkshire

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In this spirit she recommends the shifi to a 'nomadic' understanding of the subject as alone able to resist the potential 'microfascism' of all 'hegemonies' whatever their size, and however local.

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The fiction of the 1920s was no more frank about affection between women than its predecessors, but it differed from earlier work by depicting women who loved other women as congenitally abnormal, neurotic, peculiar, or outcast.

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