Hard Sard: Quantitative Implicit Function and Extension Theorems for Lipschitz Maps

  title={Hard Sard: Quantitative Implicit Function and Extension Theorems for Lipschitz Maps},
  author={Jonas Azzam and Raanan Schul},
  journal={Geometric and Functional Analysis},
We prove a global implicit function theorem. In particular we show that any Lipschitz map $${f : \mathbb{R}^{n} \times \mathbb{R}^{m} \rightarrow \mathbb{R}^{n}}$$ (with n-dim. image) can be precomposed with a bi-Lipschitz map $${\bar{g} : \mathbb{R}^{n} \times \mathbb{R}^{m} \rightarrow \mathbb{R}^{n} \times \mathbb{R}^{m}}$$ such that $${f \circ \bar{g}}$$ will satisfy, when we restrict to a large portion of the domain $${E \subset \mathbb{R}^{n} \times \mathbb{R}^{m}}$$ , that $${f \circ… 

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