Haptic touch reduces sway by increasing axial tone.

  title={Haptic touch reduces sway by increasing axial tone.},
  author={Erika Franz{\'e}n and V. S. Gurfinkel and William Geoffrey Wright and Paul J. Cordo and F. B. Horak},
It is unclear how haptic touch with a stable surface reduces postural sway. We hypothesized that haptic input enhances postural stability due to alterations in axial postural tone. We measured the influence of heavy and light touch (LT) of the hands on a stable bar on axial postural tone and postural sway during stance in 14 healthy adults. A unique "Twister" device measured hip torque by fixing the upper body in space while oscillating the surface in yaw ±10 at 1 deg/s. Subjects were tested… CONTINUE READING