Haptic stroke testbed for pharmacological evaluation of dynamic allodynia in mouse models

  title={Haptic stroke testbed for pharmacological evaluation of dynamic allodynia in mouse models},
  author={Jin Wook Lee and Brian J. Atwood and Salim Megat and Gregory Dussor and Theodore John Price and Ann Majewicz Fey},
  journal={2018 IEEE Haptics Symposium (HAPTICS)},
Dynamic mechanical allodynia is an aggravating neuropathological condition in which light, physical touch leads to pain. Developing pharmaceutical agents to treat this condition requires extensive animal trials using a mouse model, and a laborious process of manually stroking inflicted mouse paws, with a brush or cotton swab, while recording responses to that stimulus. In this paper, we developed an autonomous testing mechanism to create repeatable stroking sensations for mice during dynamic… 


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Assessment of pain response in capsaicin-induced dynamic mechanical allodynia using a novel and fully automated brushing device.
A controlled, automatic brushing method can be used for quantitative investigations of allodynic reactions, and is more reliable for quantitative assessment of dynamic mechanical allodynia compared with traditional manual brushing.
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