Happy families: a twin study of humour

  title={Happy families: a twin study of humour},
  author={Lynn Cherkas and Fran Hochberg and A. Macgregor and Harold Snieder and T. D. Spector},
  journal={Twin Research},
  pages={17 - 22}
Abstract The objective of this study was to estimate how much of an individual's appreciation of humour is influenced by genetic factors, the shared environment or the individual's unique environment. A population-based classical twin study of 127 pairs of female twins (71 monozygous (MZ) and 56 dizygous (DZ) pairs) aged 20–75 from the St Thomas' UK Adult Twin Registry elicited responses to five ‘Far Side’ Larson cartoons on a scale of 0–10. Within both MZ and DZ twin pairs, the tetrachoric… Expand

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  • T. Spector, A. Macgregor
  • Medicine
  • Twin research : the official journal of the International Society for Twin Studies
  • 2002
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