Haplotyping via minimum recombinant paradigm

  title={Haplotyping via minimum recombinant paradigm},
  author={Jules Hern{\'a}ndez-S{\'a}nchez and Sara Knott},
  journal={BMC Proceedings},
  pages={S7 - S7}
BACKGROUND Haplotypes can increase the power of gene detection over genotypes and are essential to estimate linkage disequilibrium. METHODS Haplotyping was based on the minimum recombinant paradigm, whereby a phase is obtained only if it uniquely minimises the number of recombinants within a full sib family. Performance of this method was tested across three different data sets, consisting of genotypes and pedigree. RESULTS The percentage of phased alleles ranged from ~80% to ~95%, and the… CONTINUE READING

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