Haplotype-defined linkage region for gPRA in Schapendoes dogs

  title={Haplotype-defined linkage region for gPRA in Schapendoes dogs},
  author={Tanja Lippmann and Anna Jonkisz and Tadeusz Dobosz and Elisabeth Petrasch-Parwez and J{\"o}rg T. Epplen and Gabriele Dekomien},
  journal={Molecular Vision},
  pages={174 - 180}
PURPOSE In order to determine the molecular basis of canine generalized progressive retinal atrophy (gPRA), we initiated whole-genome scanning for linkage in gPRA-informative pedigrees of the Schapendoes breed. METHODS Detailed pedigree and ophthalmological data were assembled in selected Schapendoes pedigrees. A whole-genome scan was initiated by two-point linkage analysis using microsatellite markers in combination with haplotype analyses. Mutation screening was carried out in respective… CONTINUE READING